Brownie Points Scorecard
Syncing You and Your Closest Friends

Pen & Paper is out, BP Scorecard is in!  Watch the demo video below for a quick overview of how it works.  Already an expert, register or login and get started!

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Common Questions

Is this an App or a website?

The Brownie Points Scorecard is a web-based application so it can work on any device.  You don't need to download anything, just bookmark and you are good to go!

What if my friends don't have a mobile phone, can they still play?

Of course!  There must be one person logged into the scorecard.  From there, you can add all your friends as 'Guests'.  Everything will function as usual.  HOWEVER, only those logged in and synced to the scorecard will be awarded points at the end.  All 'Guests' will lose their points and won't be saved 🙁  We highly recommend everyone registering for a free account so they can save all their hard earned points!

Is there really a Worldwide leader board?

Absolutely!  This will give you a chance to see what's happening around the world and how you stack up.  You might even find Mr. Brownie on there 🙂

How many people can sync in one game?

We have set the limit to 50.  This will allow you to have multiple Brownie Points Card Game's going at once all while attached to the same scorecard.  Have a winners table and a losers table and move around based on trends or high and low scores.  Possibilities are endless!

Can my friends and I see our overall points even when we aren't playing together?

This is where things get fun.  You and your friends have the option of tagging each other.  Once tagged, you will now have a 'Friends' leader board showing your total points.  Now, even if you are playing with others, you and your friends can see where you stack up.  The more you play the greater the odds of you being in first place!

Is this really free?  Seems like you could charge money for this.

The BP Scorecard comes free with any Brownie Points Card Game!  Awesome right?